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While crunching the numbers for a 1,foot-wide asteroid named Apophis, he discovered that the giant rock might strike an orbiting satellite when it brushes within 18, to 20, miles of Earth on April 13, That possibility, the student concluded, had been overlooked by NASA's top dynamicists, and it increased the chance of Apophis crashing into Earth itself on a subsequent pass in from 1 in 45, NASA's estimate to just 1 in Kudos to German science writer Daniel Fischer, who got to the bottom of this mess and yesterday exposed it for the farce or hoax it was.

While it's true that Apophis will pass closer than the altitude of geosynchronous satellites, it'll be well outside them when it crosses Earth's equatorial plane, where they're located.

Second, Apophis has an estimated mass of some 20 million tons. Even if it did have a head-on collision with a sizable satellite, the impact would barely affect the asteroid's trajectory. If you don't believe me, just ask the bug. Tiny changes add up over time. Bug, better to do the math involved in this collision before introducing a variable of unknown quantity the collision into the discussion.

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And so, playing the role of the hypocrite, collisions of this magnitude are far more likely during its travels in the solar system as the surface of any asteroid will attest. This is why I roll my eyes over every asteroid impact story.

The threat of impact of course is real, BUT the sensation loving scientifically illiterate mass media can not help but axagerate for the purpose of one upsmanship. The public looses out. This danger needs to be addressed by the scientific, political and military communities of the major world powers, but fear mongering and sensationalism will not help in this debate.

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This is why I roll my eyes when I read about asteroid impact. Though the danger is real, media misinfornmation and sensation does not help public discussion of this very real danger. Sensationalism helps no one, in the long run even the media itaelf is hurt by it as people loose trust in it.

"reductio ad absurdum" in German

So, lets stop the impact porn! I looked for archived video from Nasa and found none. It seems she made a mistake, but I saw it with my own eyes and I wonder if anybody else saw it. Even if the asteroid was Km wide, seeing it at 18KK miles would roughly be equivalent to seeing that bug from you car at 0.

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You have a better chance of seeing the Shuttle in normal space flight with your naked eye than that. Apophis has been estimated to be between m and m in diameter, not m km! Therefore, reporting Apophis to be a 1,foot-wide asteroid is certainly acceptable. Kelly, I enjoyed reading your article. I loved the car windshield and bug comparison — it puts it into perspective beautifully. The kinetic energy of a collision has less to do with the mass of the satellite or bug as does the relative velocity. Anyone who has been struck by a bullet should know that, as should anyone who saw what a small piece of foam did to Columbia.

And these are relatively low velocity collisions. Thus, I believe the impact will be more than a bug on a windshield. Square that and you get some pretty big numbers; the kinetic energy of a kg satellite ie..

Sirius 4 at that velocity relative to the asteroid is about 3. However, these are far from elastic collisions. Of course, the odds of an impact altering the path in exactly the right way so that it causes a collision or orbital capture are pretty slim; it seems that an impact will more likely decrease the chance of a collision, and as noted, at 20, miles away, the chance of satellite collision is almost nil. Karen Australian.

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