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South Africa: Deadly Attacks on Foreign Truck Drivers

The legislation threatens to upend a swath of California businesses that rely on freelance drivers. O , the trucking industry that underpins the U.

Trucking companies of all stripes call on the roughly 70, California independent big rig owners to haul loads in the state and around the country. Most drivers who ferry goods to and from massive cargo ships at the port are independent, he said.

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  6. California Bill Would Make Stores Liable for Drayage Labor Abuses.
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Los Angeles-based Sandra Alzate hires independent owner-operators when her customers, which include Los Angeles Unified School District, have more work than her four-truck company can handle on its own. N have paid millions of dollars in overtime and wage claims to settle worker misclassification lawsuits.

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  • Discover Thomson Reuters. Missouri Gov. Mike Parson recently vetoed a bill that included a provision to address nonconsensual towing in the state by creating a towing task force.

    Transportation services suspended in Zihuatanejo after vehicles burned

    On July 12, Parson vetoed an omnibus transportation bill that cleared the Missouri Legislature in May. As I believe adequate protections already exist to address these matters, I cannot support the establishment of a redundant task force. Nate Tate.

    California bill would hold big box stores liable for abusive trucking companies

    OOIDA has been a staunch proponent for creating consumer protections for truck drivers who have to have their truck towed away after a crash. A nonconsensual tow is one that is initiated by law enforcement with no opportunity for the trucker to negotiate services or compare prices. Without the ability to shop around, OOIDA says it is common for the price of these tows to be inflated by thousands of dollars. Mark Schremmer, associate editor, joined Land Line in An award-winning journalist and former assistant news editor at The Topeka Capital-Journal, he brings fresh ideas, solid reporting skills, and nearly two decades of journalism experience to our staff.

    Trucker Josh Abuses his Dogs?

    A special panel in Maine working to address a highway funding gap is nearing the release of recommendations that could include a fuel tax increase, and tolls. By Keith Goble November Truckers driving in Pennsylvania will need to pay attention to closures soon. PennDOT will implement new travel restrictions that affect truckers the most.