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Reatomized the moon Invasion A. Extinction Agenda EX A. A Fiend! Oi history! TRIP Presents Cook, Serve, Delicious! Bulbaceous Dr. Armies E. E: Divine Cybermancy Eador. Imperium Eador. Super Strikers Gaokao.

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Led by the fearless Sergeant Hammerstein, the elite unit of warriors carry out the worst suicide missions available. When the tide of war turns against them on the They are the hard-drinking liberators of Mars and a deadly fighting force that has slipped into legend. On the dead plains of Mars, human terraformers awake an ancient lifeforce known as Medusa that is determined to stop the planet becoming an Caballistics, Inc.

Originally known as Department Q, a secret department within the British Ministry of Defence was tasked with investigating the supernatural on behalf of the Government. But times are hard and Department Q has been sold off as a private company and renamed Caballistics, Inc. When the Caballistics are attacked in London, they are forced to use powerful magic, But times are hard and Department Q has been sold off as a private company - Caballistics, Inc.

Woken from 1, years in suspended animation, mutant vampire Durham Red has found that an entire religion has built up around her life. The mutants see her as a messiah, whilst the fanatical human Iconoclasts hunt her down as a heretic and abomination.

After a failed attempt to get past an Iconoclast fleet, Red is forced to seek refuge on the planet Durham Red: Manticore Reborn There is nothing to fear but fear herself Mutant vampire Durham Red returns in this new chilling, gothic SF adventure.

Danger threatens when Red discovers that a twisted future version of herself, the demonic Brite Red, is hunting her down. The only way she can survive is to get her hands on the terrifying alien artefact known as Manticore but, even then, can she destroy her own future? The most hunted woman in the galaxy has got a killer attitude The Encoded Heart continues the tale of bloodsucking vampire and sexy killing machine with attitude, Durham Red.

Critically injured in battle, Red is spirited away by servants of the mysterious Magister of Cados, and taken to his vast citadel on the planet Magadan. When a man named Dathan promises an end to the war between humans and mutants, Durham Red is desperate to help him. Cast adrift in a nightmarish future, the mutant vampire travels to this self-made prophet's side, eager for an end to the bloodshed.

But when the darker side of Dathan's plans are revealed, only Red stands between him and a dark, bloody Durham Red: The Unquiet Grave "I'm a thousand years young, I've got a bod built for high-speed sin, and there's a whole universe out there which hasn't met me - so let's go! Total babe! Former Search and Destroy Agent Durham Red is stranded over a thousand years into a future she doesn't want.

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To the mutant underclass, she's a messiah, a beacon of light to rally around. To humankind, she's a terrifying blasphemy The mighty German army is smashing its way through the crippled Russian defences.

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Idealistic young German soldier Hans Vollmer joins the front on the eve of the invasion of Russia, unaware that darker things than the enemy stalk the battlefields. When he is saved from a Russian attack by a Rumanian platoon, led by the mysterious Lord Constanta, his relief is short-lived. Why do they Leningrad Winter has halted the Nazi invasion of Russia, but the city is still besieged by German troops. Red Army soldiers and civilians are starving to death, but they refuse to surrender.

As night falls on Leningrad, the Russians are horrified to see their comrades rising from the dead to join the attack against them. One of the bloodiest Fiends of the Eastern Front: Twilight of the Dead A bloody fight for the future of all mankind is about to begin! It is only a matter of time before Berlin falls, especially as the Rumanian vampyr have switched sides to be allies with the Russian forces. German soldiers Hans and Rolf Vollmer know the war is lost, but they believe something more important Fiends of the Rising Sun In this war, death is only the beginning The dream of a Pacific conquest drives Japanese Prime Minister General Tojoto to forge an unholy alliance with the legions of undead.

With such allies his dream is certain to become a reality.

Now he must test the mettle of his fanatical warriors to see just how far his army will go for their country. With the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor the war Two hundred floors up on Wormwood Block, in one of the poorer corners of Mega-City One, a cit turns on her neighbours, biting and raging.

Just another futsie, in a city filled with everyday tragedy. Psi-Judge Cassandra Anderson and her new partner take the call. It's Friday the 13th and a bad moon rises over Mega-City One.

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With weather control off-line in Sector 87, the heat is rising along with the tension and the crazies are out in force. In the midst of this madness Judge Dredd is drafted in to enforce the law during the busy graveyard shift. But, when human xenophobes strike against an alien ghetto in sector 87, things get a whole Hot on the trail of a cargo of illegal bio-weapons, Judge Dredd boards the Cityship Sargasso, a vast agglomeration of ancient toxic waste tankers loaded with refugees from warzones around the world.

It is also home to large populations of mutants and scavengers, so when the law comes on board, Dredd finds himself as a most unwelcome guest. But when one of the bio-weapons is Mega-City One, His reputation will Judge Dredd: Deathmasques "The keesh-eater collapsed into a nerveless heap, smearing a thin trail of blood down the pillar.

Armitage watched him until he was sure he wouldn't move, then rounded, scowling, on the uniformed Judges. Thirty-seven years ago, Dredd arrested his twin in Cafe Cesare and condemned him to life as a cyborg on the prison-moon Titan. Now the Cafe seems to be at the heart of a wave of hallucinations sweeping Mega-City One. Even the Judges are affected. Their behaviour is increasingly erratic. It's almost as if they become Mega-City One, - and a plague is spreading like wildfire amongst its millions of citizens, apparently turning them into blood-crazed vampires.

With the Justice Department struggling to contain the outbreak, Judge Dredd teams up with the psychic Judge Anderson and ex-Judge DeMarco to investigate the trail of carnage and death left by the enigmatic Death Cult.


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When the cultists Judge Dredd: Dreddlocked Mister Cairo, private eye and wild psi-talent, has been hired to find a missing alien call-girl. The only clue ger abductors have left is an Inverted Tarot card: The World, turned upside down. But, following her trail into the dark Undercity, confronting Under Judges and ancient stars of the silver screen, Cairo realises that far more than one girl's life is at stake.

He begins to uncover a plot On the anniversary of the Apocalypse War, ruthless future lawman Judge Dredd heads off-world to bring the rioting Luna-1 colony back under control. Using his unique brand of law enforcement, Judge Dredd is all that stands between millions of citizens and outright anarchy.