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Labyrinth by Doon Kanda. The UK duo's previously-shelled debut for Warner Music, featuring a host of special guests, finally sees the light of day. Bandcamp Album of the Day Nov 26, Shlon by Omar Souleyman.

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On his second full-length for Mad Decent, the dabke singer dabbles in EDM while keeping the joyous fundamentals of his art intact. Bandcamp Album of the Day Nov 22, This young Berlin-via-Paris producer makes inventive breakcore on the more industrial end, infectious even at its most abstract.

Cambiante by Toada.

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An in-depth look at the music, life, and influence of beloved artist Arthur Russell. Explore music. Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app. Purchasable with gift card. Withdrawl Wor ft. Nate Oktober I bet he's taking a walk somewhere outside of Thais. If you want to help bringing him back, I could hand you one of his leashes. Jogador : leashes. Jogador : noodles King Tibianus : You're one of the loyal citizens who helped bring back the royal dog. You absolutely deserve a reward.

Jogador : reward.

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Jogador : reward King Tibianus : Indeed, I shall reward you. As you can see, we have a little Would you like to have some of these puppies and take them into your home? Jogador : yes. Noodles e Dog Lady na sala do trono do Rei Tibianus. O barco de um rico comerciante oriental, Yasir , pode ancorar nos portos de Carlin , Liberty Bay ou Ankrahmun. Contudo, dessa vez a natureza parece reagir e contra-atacar. Teaser: Pegadas do "Deus Macaco" e Elephants aterrorizados.

Somente premium accounts podem entrar no portal. Venha conferir todas as novidades do Winter Update ! O World Board encontrado na Adventurers' Guild. Mina com todo tipo de Cyclops. Hear ye! Stand and deliver!

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That's what they shout, robbing banks in main's coastal towns and then hide out. Catch the thieves and make us proud, bring back the gold to please the crowd! Several banks in major coastal towns are being robbed! The thieves are still on the loose! We have been robbed! I can't give you any gold until the robber has been brought to justice or we have received a compensation from the king.

I think the robbers ran towards the Ancient Temple. The witch Wyda seems to be bored. Pay her a visit but sharpen your sword. She might come up with a terrible surprise, are you brave enough to believe your eyes? Sharpen your sword!

Full Moon Releasing Prayer

The witch Wyda seems to be bored so pay her a visit! Use Devovorga's Essence to fight an evil presence! Trade your every tentacle piece, to enter a boss' lair with ease! In case you have some spare tentacle pieces, you can now use Devovorga's very essence to enter a boss lair! A river is flooding, south of the outlaw base. Explore a new isle, an unknown place. Don't be afraid, but ready your blade. The river south of the outlaw camp is flooding. A small island there should now be reachable safely. Este elmo protege contra os ataques de Drowning. A floating vessel of ice is not at all nice when it brings unbidden friends to Port Hope's lands.

A big iceberg has been washed up at the coast north of Port Hope. It seems to be inhabited by strange white furballs. The volcano on Goroma is spitting fire. Creatures are spawning, strong and dire. Lava is heading up the land. Adventurer, be careful or it will be your last stand! The volcano on Goroma sends his fiery message into the sky. A lot of creatures are flooding the lands together with its lava. The full moon pale has risen over Grimvale. Help lift the curse, you won't be off worse!

The full moon has a strange impact on the island of Grimvale. The small forest there seems darker, filled with nightly howls. A fiery gate has opened, threatening a city! Guard the people frightened, their death would be a pity! A fiery fury gate has opened near one of the major cities somewhere in Tibia. A chitinous Hive outpost has been located on Liberty Bay? Make sure those locusts are toast! A hive infestation has been sighted south-west of Liberty Bay!

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An unnerving humming and buzzing is filling the air. It is Kingsday, people, let us celebrate and sing! Decorate Thais and let the bells ring!