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Eventually he resigns himself to participating in the war effort the only way left open to him, entertaining front line troops for the YMCA.

When he and his partner find themselves dangerously close to the front, Harry heroically sets out to warn off an ambulance convoy heading into an artillery bombardment. He is wounded while destroying an enemy machine gun emplacement ambushing the convoy and is apparently commended for his bravery. After the war, during a victory performance at the Palace Theatre, Jo sees Harry in the audience and runs to him.

The two reunite on stage to sing " For Me and My Gal ", the first song they ever performed together.

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Paroles "For me and my gal" - Judy Garland

The songs included in the film are performed as they might have been on the vaudeville stage, choreographed by Bobby Connolly. For Me and My Gal marked the first real "adult" role for the nineteen-year-old Judy Garland, who had played juvenile parts until then, many of them opposite Mickey Rooney.

Judy Garland & Gene Kelly - Ballin' the Jack

Adler also suggested Gene Kelly for the lead. Kelly was 29 years old at the time, and had made a mark on Broadway as the star of Pal Joey and the choreographer of Best Foot Forward. Selznick signed him to a film contract, Kelly's intention was to return to Broadway after fulfilling his contractual obligation, but he ended up staying in Hollywood for a year because Selznick didn't have a role for him.

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Gene Kelly and Judy Garland got along well — she had been in favor of his getting the part, and during shooting she helped Kelly adjust his stage acting for films, and backed him in disagreements with director Busby Berkeley , whom she did not like. Kelly and Garland went on to star together in two other films, The Pirate and Summer Stock The film was also the American motion picture debut of Hungarian singer Martha Eggerth , who had appeared in over thirty films in Germany.

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But just weeks before their performance, Harry gets drafted, ruining what may be their only shot. But his plan backfires in more ways than one.

This is where the war propaganda comes into play. The message is hammered home clearly: there is nothing more despicable than shirking your duty to your country. Clearly most Americans agreed, since after initial screenings audiences overwhelmingly wanted Jo to end up with her former vaudeville partner Jimmy Metcalf George Murphy instead of Harry, who they saw as an irredeemable coward.

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Rarely are there winners in divorce, and there are two sides to every breakup. You will be redirected back to your article in seconds.

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