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In: Das Archiv. Mai , S. In: Variations et inventions. Paris: Classiques Garnier Rencontres , S. In: Kommbuch. In: Sehepunkte 16 Nr. In: Gedruckte Fotografie. Abbildung, Objekt und mediales Format. Studien und Materialien 10 , S. Briefe aus einem halben Jahrhundert. Eine Auswahl.

In: Substance 44 S. Diers, Michael: Arche und Archiv. In: Wege zur Weltliteratur. Komparatistische Perspektiven der Editionswissenschaft. Eck, Caroline van: Art, agency and living presence.

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From the animated image to the excessive object. Zu Aby Warburgs Theorie der Bewegungswahrnehmung.


In: Mouvement. Une biographie intellectuelle. Paris: Klincksieck The Warburg is Britain's most eccentric and original library.

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Can it survive? In: The New Yorker, In: Kosmos Antike. Zur Rezeption und Transformation antiker Ideen in der Kunst. In: Dalle trincee alle retrovie. I molti fronti della Grande Guerra. Ein spanisches Intermezzo zum Nachleben der Antike. Paris: Picard , S.


Imorde, Joseph: Vibratoren der Mneme. Burckhardt, Breysig, Warburg. Zur Medien- und Konzeptgeschichte personaler Macht im langen L'Italia e l'arte straniera : convegno : la storia dell'arte e le sue frontiere : a cento anni dal X Congresso Internazionale di Storia dell'Arte in Roma : un bilancio storiografico e una riflessione del presente. Roma, novembre Warburg, Cassirer und der Fall Giordano Bruno. In: Ethos und Pathos der Geisteswissenschaften. Konfigurationen der wissenschaftlichen Persona seit Series Studia 12 , S.

Johnson, Christopher D. In: Der Mann in der Krise? Studien zur Literatur- und Kulturgeschichte 68 , S. In: Tagblatt Online, Translated by Henriette Frankfort.

Introduced, edited and annotated by Claudia Wedepohl, Aschheim und Vivian Liska. In: Von Biala nach Wien. Josef Strzygowski und die Kunstwissenschaften. Wien: Ibera , S. Sebald, Gerhard Richter. Aber jetzt ringt es um seine Bedeutung. Wiesbaden Some reflections on the last panels of Aby Warburg's Mnemosyne Atlas. Kulturwissenschaft als Geistespolitik. Fischer Fischer Digital. In: Bandue.

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Tavani, Elena: L'installazione come atlante di immagini. Potere espositivo e immagini in azione: Warburg, Broodthaers, Richter. In: Estetica. Thomas, Gina: Warburg Institute. Freedberg wird neuer Direktor. Villani, Tiziana: Warburg Postwar. In: History Today 65 Nr. In: Archivium Mentis. Studi di filologia e letteratura umanistica 4 S. Berlin: Kadmos Kaleidogramme In: The Times Literary Supplement, 7. Visuelle Argumente bei Panofsky und Warburg. Warburg, Aby: Fragmente zur Ausdruckskunde.

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  • Siehe unten Aby Warburg: Frammenti sull'espressione. In: Journal of Art Historiography, Instead, it is a workshop, populated with discarded scraps of ideas that do not always make for easy reading. It does not contain, either, sustained coherent worked out arguments, and this is perhaps the most frustrating aspect of the material. But then, that was not its purpose; it was a work in progress in which Warburg jotted down ideas as they occurred to him. As such, it provides a vital document of how his thought evolved at a crucial stage as well as illustrating how in many respects it hardly evolved at all.

    Pfisterer and H. Ghelardi, G. Targia, Edizioni della Normale, Pisa as well as the relative debate that has been involving the editors so far. Glossaire par Lara Bonneau. XLVI, S. BW und Weiland, Florian: Der Schlangenmagier. In: The Botticelli Renaissance. Englische Fassung siehe In: Gutenberg-Jahrbuch 90 S. Wiederabdruck in Dieter Wuttke: Fokus Panofsky …, A Contribution to the Study of Aby Warburg — Leuven: Peeters Studies in Iconology 1. VIII, S. Geburtstag am Berlin: De Gruyter Actus et Imago Cha, Kyung-Ho: Mimesis und schizophrenes Wissen.

    In: Paragrana 23 Nr. In: Storia dell'arte come impegno civile. Rom: Campisano Saggi di storia dell'arte 39 , S. In: Bildgespenster. Bielefeld: transcript Image 61 , S. Cobb, Chris: Battle for the Warburg. In: Times Higher Education, Despite this, a petition has been set up and signed by 22, people against a change that hasn't even been mooted.

    If the concern of the 22, Warburg petitioners is as strong as the university's desire to ensure the institute's financial sustainability in London then we can all be confident that it has a bright future. Indeed, as I write, the university has commissioned an international search for a new director who will work to ensure that the Warburg Institute is restored to its rightful position as one of the world's preeminent centres for humanities research.